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As popularity of gluten-free diet continues to rise, either due to gluten allergy or by choice; there has been an increasing demand for gluten-free bakery products at restaurants, grocery stores and at the comfort of home.

Kappa Foods mixes offers high quality and easy-to-prepare gluten-free bakery mixes: Pancakes, Brownies, Banana Bread, Cookies, Pizza Crust. Our finished products have comparable texture to their gluten equivalent without any compromise on sensory quality.

ALL GLUTEN FREE MIXES ARE AVAILABLE IN 7kg (15lb) and 20kg (44lb) bags

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Red Diablo is a Spanish inspired base crafted from smoked paprika and vinegar, married with ingredients from Mexican and Chinese cuisine. This concoction is a potent savoury condiment with a mild, non-lingering heat.

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Smoke, maple syrup and secret vinegar. Use this for its flavour enhancing, non-acidic characteristic and to impart a smoky flavour to your food. Best used in marinades, salad dressings and sauces. Also goes very well with meat and seafood.

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Golden Reserve imparts a pure and elegant maple taste. Use it to add sweetness to dishes without overpowering it with caramel or woody flavours. Best used as a finishing component to roasted meats, to desserts, and especially pancakes.

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