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Golden Reserve is an ode of purity and simplicity. Unlike other maple syrups, ours has an elegant and subtle flavour. We wanted to remove the unnecessary nuisances that other syrups have when the tree sap is over reduced and over boiled resulting in very heavy caramel and woody flavours. We don’t want that here.

At Kappa Foods, we believe in creativity and complexity, but we also believe in purity. Golden Reserve is a testament to that belief. It’s made in Quebec in small batches by experienced maple syrup artisans since 1943. The flavours are true and honest to the maple trees the sap comes from.

Use Golden Reserve to add sweetness to your dishes without adding too much caramel or woody notes. Best used as a finishing component to maintain it’s subtle flavour, glaze it on roasted meats after cooking, over pancakes, and desserts!


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