About Us


Kappa Foods


Kappa Foods is a purveyor of flavoursome and impactful sauces inspired from cuisines all over the globe, made with only the most delicious and distinct ingredients. Our sauces will add depth and complexity to your dishes, but more importantly, enhance the natural flavours inherent in your food.


We understand that people want exceptionally delicious food, but that not everyone has the skills and talent of the best chefs. So, we thought we’d do the work for you! How do we achieve that? It’s quite extraordinary. We have an amazing chef who has travelled the world in search of the best flavours. We also work together with food scientists who have dissected the very molecules of flavour and have a deep understanding of how we taste food. Together, our team has developed natural, amazingly delicious sauces that will make your food unforgettable.


We’re exceptionally fluent in the language of food. And if you don’t speak that language, we’re here to translate. But really, our sauces speak for themselves. Just pour it on and you’ll know what we mean. Whether you’re marinating meat or topping your salad off, our natural-flavoured sauces will soon be a staple in your fridge and your mom’s. It is our mission that no food shall taste mediocre, every plate comes back empty, and that for home cooks, leftovers are non-existent or fought for!

Kappa foods